Shoplet Smead Products Review

06 Feb

I am someone who needs a lot of help in the organization department. I am a useless mess when it comes to organizing paperwork, recipes, bills or anything else for that matter. I can clean anything, bake anything, cook anything and create amazing crafts but the gene that most people have to keep their homes organized was completely left out of my DNA. I know the lack in my skill is not for a lack of trying because I have bought multiple products to try to help me but I use them for a few days or maybe even a week and then I leave them by the wayside.


Luckily I had the opportunity to try some new products from Shoplet that may just help me to not be buried in my own cluttered paperwork.  The 12 pocket stadium file in Navy has been a miracle worker for me. I love the file folder. I do most of my blogging and computer work in my living room in my favorite, comfy chair so I keep all of my paperwork, notes, files etc right there with me which you can imagine creates quite an eye-sore. With this stadium file it sits upright next to my chair within easy reach. It comes with already printed labels as well as blank ones so that I can file all of my paperwork in a flash and then it is easily accessible whenever I need it. The stadium file is made of a sturdy stock and its tiered stadium style allows me to easily see each pocket that is 8.5×11 inches so the papers file away tidily. With 12 pockets I can store so much paperwork that I never have to have a cluttered work area again. I know you may be thinking what makes this one any different from others on the market? I was thinking the same thing when I received it but I have to say it stands up better and holds more than any other I have tried and has more pocket space. I love that it comes in different colors and one of the choices is a super cute pink. 1234506_10206233235100020_5982224124473206824_n

The SuperTab tab file folders in dark pink have 90% larger tabs for improved labeling and the use of more lines of text and are made to support the fight against breast cancer. They come in a six-pack so you have enough to use for every day or in the office. They are also 8.5×11 and easily hold any printer paper or letterhead. They are even partially made of recycled materials. I love these folders and they work perfectly in my pink file cabinet. They are thicker stock than other file folders I have used and more durable and they have to be with the stress I put them through. The only thing I would change about these folders is I would want more in the pack than six because I know I will be needing them,


My favorite product that I got to try is the 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders. I love these!! They come in a 10 pack of multi-colored folders that are perfect for school or work reports, to hold important papers or anything else you could come up with. They are 8.5×11 with 3 separate pockets that are multi-layered. The extra high pockets hold your documents securely and handily. Two of the pockets are great for documents and the third is slightly smaller and great for photos, index cards or even business cards. With the tiered pockets everything is visible. I have used single pocket folders in the past and all of your papers are stacked behind each other and  you have to search through them, with these folders everything is right there as soon as you open them.  With these three products I know I can finally get my things organized and neat!  I am always getting asked for my recipes so I used them to hold copies of recipes that I gave to my friends and they loved it! Thank you Smead!


Shoplet offers just about everything you will need for a home or work office. You can find promotional products that are perfect for getting your business or organization out to as many people as possible and bring in new customers. You can choose from mugs, jackets, bags and more. Imagine your business name on these beautiful products. Make sure you check out Shoplet’s office stationary selection. You can find anything you need for the office or even home. Browse their products that range from coffee to copy paper.  You can even find medical supplies at Shoplet. You can find them on Facebook  Twitter and On Pinterest.  Make sure to follow them so you are one of the first to hear about new products and promotions.  Happy Shopping!




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