Happy Birthday Hubby!

07 Feb


Today is the day when my wonderful hubby was born!! I just want to wish him an extra special Happy Birthday and let him know I hope to spend many, many more with him. I know as we get older birthdays don’t hold the same magic as when we were kids but I say it is the only day of the year that is just for YOU so enjoy it! Maybe if we took back a little of that magic, the rest of the days of the year wouldn’t be so humdrum! I believe your birthday should be special no matter how old you are. With a limited budget we opt for cake and ice cream and a few snack foods with the family to celebrate. I always ask my hubby what kind of cake HE wants because he should have the choice.

He usually answers with whatever you want to make or it doesn’t matter to me, you know, the standard man answers. Every year I have to gently, ok not so gently, remind him that it’s his birthday darn it and he should get the cake he wants. He usually relents and throws out a choice that I gladly make for him. This year I decided to shake things up a bit and make two cakes, yee haw will he be surprised!  I know even though he says his birthday is no big deal and he doesn’t want a fuss, that he is secretly as happy as a kid on Christmas morning when he knows that all of us are together just for him.

He works hard all year round and never complains about the over time or the lack of money and he never really seems to want or need anything but if I can put a smile on his face for his birthday with a simple, home-made cake and gathering our family together then by gosh I will do just that. Everyone deserves to feel special at least one day out of the year, even my rough and tough husband. So let me raise the proverbial glass and toast my amazing man and say Happy Birthday Baby, I love you and am so glad to have you in my life. Now let them eat cake!!!!

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