Crowdtap’s Hosted Splenda Brand Cooking House Party

08 Feb

I am so lucky to be a member of Crowdtap where my voice can be heard by major brands and I get to have a say in their advertising and marketing of their products. Crowdtappers like me get to interact with not only the brands but with each other and share our ideas and opinions, recipes, sampling opportunities and best of all, House Parties!  10959779_10206245105436771_1859020628487925692_n

Since having bariatric surgery 8 months ago, I now live a sugar-free, or as close to sugar-free as I can get, way of life. I have been a fan of Splenda products for years now and you can imagine how excited I am to be chosen to host a Splenda Brand Cooking Party. I love the product and love to share the products with my family and friends. If you have never been to one of these product house parties or maybe never heard of them, let me tell you a little about them. The company sends out products and swag items to share with your guests and they usually have tasks that they want you to do with your guests such as cooking a certain item or watch a movie or I have even done fitness parties complete with workout dvd and gear. It is a great way to have fun with your family and friends as well try out products that you may never have before.


My Splenda House Party is one that I was most looking forward to since I so love the products. I invited my friends and family and just 2 people had to bow out at the last-minute so we had 8 people waiting to have a great night. When I received my box from Crowdtap I was like a little kid on Christmas and could barely contain my excitement. My hubby even laughed at me while I oohed and ahhed over the contents. I was sent cutting boards, spatulas, measuring cups, aprons, jump ropes,  and coupons to share with my guests as well as bags of three of  my most favorite Splenda products: Splenda granulated, Splenda Brown sugar blend and Sugar blend. After playing with my new toys I needed to decided on the menu for the party and decided to make some goodies that I love using my Splenda products. I chose to make this fruit dip that is always a huge hit whenever I make it and it so easy and tastes amazing! The hard part was keeping the hubby away from it til the party started.


Fruit Dip


1 package of fat-free cream cheese softened

1 cup Splenda granulated

1 tbs cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs ( You can use the already made or crush low-fat grahams yourself)

In a large bowl mix the softened cream cheese with the Splenda and mix well ( can you hand blender but I do by hand) Until its smooth and creamy

add the cinnamon and vanilla and mix well again

add the graham crumbs and mix well ( if too thick for you, you can add 1 tsp lemon juice, I do this sometimes to change up the flavor)

Use any fruit you like and dip!! I prefer strawberries or apples but any fruit works!


I also decided to serve a low-fat mexi dip I created as well as low-fat sour cream dip and low-fat spinach dip with fresh Italian bread. I also made two sugar-free cakes: a double chocolate and a spice cake, which you would never know they are sugar-free! For one of the beverages I chose to make a home-brewed peach ice tea made with Splenda! This tea is sooooo good!  With the menu set and swag ready to be given out, it is Party Time!!

Now I have to say when I get my family and friends together we are just a bit crazy and you never know what will happen. My daughter is one of the funniest people I have ever known and she brings a whole new dimension to any get together. She makes everyone laugh and her personality is infectious. We opened up the swag box and you will see by the pictures that the party took on a life of its own. Everyone got their products and donned their aprons for a photo opportunity and a whole lot of fun. You have to imagine grown women using things like cutting boards to smack each others rear ends or going straight to the bottle of Captain Morgan to “spice up” the tea. We had so much fun laughing, joking and eating the awesome food that three hours just blew by. Everyone loved the treats made with Splenda and even though most of them have already used the product, they were amazed by how many more ways there is to use it in the kitchen than just baking. I made up packets for everyone including the recipes I used, some others that I didn’t and even some from the website. During the party I pulled up Splenda’s web site so that everyone could browse it and find recipes that they might like, get cooking tips and more. Since they have a whole section for diabetic information, 3 of my guest that are diabetic, loved it! There is nothing wrong with sharing new information while you have fun.  There wasn’t much food left at the end of the night but I made up doggie bags for everyone and they all left with a smile. 9008_10206245102636701_7976552457153017076_n

Splenda is such a versatile product and since I love to cook and bake and be adventurous in the kitchen, it is a favorite of mine. I love to create new recipes or find them and put a twist on them to make them my own. I can head over to Splenda’s recipes use them as they are or change them up and make a signature dish. I use Splenda in sauces,rubs, marinades, beverages and of course, my baking. Since Splenda has so many products to choose from I stock my kitchen with them all. You can choose from Splenda granulated, brown sugar blend, sugar blend, individual packets, packets with fiber, and a new one, packets for coffee flavors. I find a use for them all.

Since most restaurants have not smartened up and added Splenda to their tabletops, I place packets of Splenda in a ziploc bag and keep them in my purse for just in case. I have even taken them with me to parties or barbecues to sweeten my drinks without the sugar and calories. I make my own BBQ sauce using Splenda as well as a meat rub that is a huge hit at barbecues! Anywhere you use sugar, you can use Splenda.


Now I know there are people out there who are leery of sugar substitutes but the FDA and scientists all over the world have done over 100 studies on sucralose, the ingredient in Splenda that is used in over 4000 products, and all of them agree that it is safe and has no known side effects and has been in use since 1991. Splenda mixes in corn-based ingredients like dextrose and maltodextrin that are also used in graham crackers, crackers, salad dressings and more. I feel great using this product not only for myself but my family. There is never a time that Splenda products are not in my cupboard. Head over to Splenda’s website and read all about how it is made, the ingredients and frequently asked questions. You can also do your research like I did and read up on the ingredients online, in magazines and journals, including the Journal of American Medicine. I also talked to doctors and all of them agreed that Splenda is a much better choice than sugar, that is one of the leading causes of obesity worldwide.

While you are on the website make sure you take advantage of the recipes section and I am sure you will find some must-trys that will quickly become family favorites! You can also get cooking and baking tips and who doesn’t need a few shortcuts in the kitchen? Since this is a savings blog I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you to print the coupon for Splenda. Another little tip is I buy my Splenda products at Dollar General where the price is amazing and they also take coupons so it’s a win-win situation. Saving money, no calories or sugar, awesome recipes and tips for the kitchen: Splenda has it all!

I think everyone should have a party like mine with Splenda! Get a couple of bags, invite your friends over, make some amazing recipes together and have fun! It’s the perfect reason to get the girls together and let loose! We all need a little fun in our lives and with products and recipes from Splenda you can do it without the guilt.





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