No Sugar added Apple Pie Recipe

12 Feb

I love to bake as most of you already know and I love coming up with new recipes or new twists on old favorite recipes. If you have read any of my other recipe posts you will know that I had bariatric surgery and have adopted a sugar-free or almost sugar-free life. In the beginning my wonderful family had absolutely no faith in the fact that I could create sweets that were sugar-free and still tasted like something they would want to try. Oh yee of little faith! Necessity is the mother of invention they say and I was determined to prove them wrong o now my sugar-free recipes are quickly out numbering my old recipes.

I have always had a huge sweet tooth, thus the reason for bariatric surgery :P.  Birthday parties and the holidays are things I dreaded after surgery but I knew I could come up with something I could have that would still satisfy my raging sweets addiction. About a week after my surgery was my birthday so I knew I would be an unhappy camper without a cake so I immediately set out on my quest to find something I could make for myself. I scoured the internet and much to my surprise I found many, many recipes that could be converted to something I could indulge in with little work and some that took a little more imagination. This recipe for a no sugar added apple pie is one of my favorites and I quickly found out, my family’s favorite too because every time I make it, I get one slice if I’m lucky. I hope you enjoy it too! Just remember that although these recipes are sugar-free or almost sugar-free, they may not be as low in calories. This one is not bad at all at just about 100 calories a slice using the exact products that I do.  Even if you take the tip at the end and add caramel, it only adds about 15 calories a slice!  ( I cut 8 slices) All of my recipes I use cast iron that I have either had myself for years or have gotten passed down from family so it is well-seasoned. I am a firm believer that everything tastes better in cast iron! Years of seasoning just creates a flavor that is unmatched by any cookware on the market, in my opinion!

I only got a picture of 1 slice because my ravenous family tore it up!!

I only got a picture of 1 slice because my ravenous family tore it up!!


No sugar added apple pie.

1 box of 2 pillsbury pie crusts ( dairy section)

7-8 medium fuji apples ( I only use fuji for this one but you could use what you want) cut into slices)

1 cup Splenda brown sugar blend

2 tbs vanilla

2 tbs cinnamon

1/2 cup splenda baking blend

1 cup Country crock lite ( you can use regular butter, unsalted 2 sticks)

Place 1 pie crust in a pie tin and form it around the edges making little scallops ( just for decoration not a necessity)

and bake for about 10 minutes on 350. Don’t let it get more than a light tan. then remove and set aside.

While crust is baking   place butter in a pan( I use cast iron skillet) and melt

add apple slices and then add vanilla, cinnamon, splenda brown sugar and splenda baking blend.

stir it all together over low/medium heat.

As it cooks the sugars will carmelize the apples. Keep stirring so they do not stick which can happen easily.

once the apples have started to get soft, remove from heat and pour into the crust.

Take the 2nd crust and cut into strips to make a basket weave pattern over the tops of the pie.

brush the top with a little melted butter and sprinkle some Splenda Granulated over the top

Bake again at 350 til crust is done and golden brown. Watch carefully as edges can burn easily.


A great twist on this recipe is a REALLLLLLLLLY good one:  Get a jar of Smuckers Sugar Free Caramel sundae sauce and when the pie is almost done take it our and layer a thin layer of caramel sauce on top and bake for just another minute ir two and VOILA you have a caramel apple pie. This one is super addictive!!

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