What would life be like without my BFF?

19 Feb

What would life be like without mt BFF? I can tell you it would be a very boring life indeed. We have been friends for more than 20 years now and she has made my life amazing! My BFF Carrie is one of the funniest, craziest and most kind-hearted people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is the person that you want at your side no matter what. She makes even the dullest situation come alive, she can turn my tears into laughter and my life would not be the same without her!

Since we have been friends for so many years it is hard to pinpoint one adventure, crazy story or heart-felt moment with her because I could quite possibly write an entire novel of them. Twenty years worth of memories come flooding back like a tidal wave and every memory with her is amazing.  There is, however, one memory that even after all of these years, we still talk about and laugh about more than any other. It involves her, me and my daughter, who was only 5 at the time. My daughter is a lot like Carrie, as they are both so funny and have such larger than life personalities.

Carrie and I worked together at a medical supply company, which is where we met and became friends. Another co-worker was getting married and we all were invited to the wedding as well as the bachelorette party. We all decided to choose gag gifts to go along with our real gifts for the party because we knew it was right up the bride-to-be’s alley. Carrie and I decided to go together after work one day to pick out our goodies. My ex-husband was supposed to pick up my daughter from school but bailed on me at the last-minute and we had to go get her. Since this was the last day we had to go pick out gifts, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

We picked my baby up and decided that one of us would go into the store while one waited in the car with my daughter Ashley. When we got to the local adult store we saw an empty parking lot and a parking spot right in front of the door. Carrie suggested we park there in front so we could both go in and decide on gifts and still she my girl in the parking lot. Now you have to remember this was 20 years ago and times were a bit different, it was Spring time so it was warm out and I had no worries about her in the car alone, she was quite a little girl for only five. She loved singing to the radio so she had her little boob box and tapes and since the store was empty we knew we would be quick and I could see her through the door. This is a very tiny shop that you can see the door from anywhere in there so please don’t consider me a terrible mother for improvising 🙂


We walked inside only to discover that it was not quite as empty as we thought and besides the sales woman behind the counter there was an extremely creepy looking older man in the back of the store by himself browsing. When I say creepy This is what I saw: A man about 60 years old with long gray, greasy, straggly hair pulled into a gnarled pony tail that landed at his rear end, a long grey colored overcoat on that immediately reminded me of a flasher cartoon and old muddy work boots on. When we entered the store he turned around and I think he may have had 2 or 3 teeth in his mouth when he smiled at us. Carrie grabbed my arm and almost peed herself trying not to laugh, He was the epitome of everything we knew about a “dirty old man”.

We tried to ignore him as we hurriedly searched for the items we wanted to include in our gift box. I stayed near the door where I could watch Ashley and Carrie would get the items and bring them to me to see what we wanted to do. She would say things like ” is this the one we want” or “maybe we should try this” with every item she brought me.  Every time she spoke the old man would stare at us and smile.  After a few minutes Carried whispers ” Oh My God, I didn’t even realize what we were saying but it probably sounds like we are a couple “. We busted out laughing and that drew looks from not only the creepy man but the sales girl as well. We laughed so hard we cried, double over in front of a very adult display. As we laughed Carrie looked past me to the door and started her fit of laughter all over again as she pointed at the door.

She said “Oh Lord Krista, look at the door” I turn around to look and there is my five-year old daughter with her face pressed so hard against the glass that her nose was completely smashed in. She had her hands up around her face trying to block out the sun I guess for a better view. Thankfully he store was smart enough that the only thing that hung within sight of the door were the clothing and costumes. I started toward the door for fear that she would try to come in and as I did we heard the old man say ” Where you going, I’m not done looking at you both yet”  OOOOHHH  Creepy right?  I ran out and scooped up my daughter and took her back to the truck while Carrie paid for the items and tried to get as far away from the man as possible.

When she came back to the car I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to get in she was laughing so hard. Before she could close the door she laughed so hard that she actually snorted and since I had never heard her do that before it set me off too. My little girl, not to be out done, started laughing too. We had to sit in the car and put ourselves back together before I could even drive away.  My girl had no idea why she was laughing only that her mommy and auntie were doing it so she joined in which only made us laugh harder. I think we laughed all the way home.

Twenty years later and every time we are together at some point that story comes up and we laugh all over again. The site of my precious little girl standing at the door of that very un-kid friendly store with her little face pressed to the glass is enough to make be belly laugh all over again. Too bad there were not cell phones with cameras at that time or I would have a great photo to go along with the story. To this day my BFF makes me laugh, dries my tears, goes on adventures with me and anything we can come up with, She still has younger kids where mine are grown now but we still find time to be young at heart!

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