How do you take care of your skin?

22 Feb

Hopefully you were lucky enough to have a mother that stressed to you the importance of skin care at a very early age, if you weren’t then think of me as your fairy skin care mother and let’s delve into this together.  If there is one thing that I cannot say enough it is this: start your skin care routine EARLY!!! I know you may be thinking I am only in my twenties and there isn’t a line on my face but sister, I am here to tell you that the years and yes, the lines, creep up quickly and one day you will wake up and think why didn’t I listen to my fairy skin care mother?

In our twenties we want to look cute and we worship the sun and we stay out late and get dehydrated and we fall asleep without removing our makeup and we think we have an infinite amount of time to take better care of our skin. In our thirties we want to look sexy and mysterious and we start to use sunblock and we get home a little earlier than our twenty something sisters and we drink more water but we still sometimes fall asleep from sheer exhaustion without removing our makeup and even though we may see a fine line or two we think we still have plenty of time to get this skin care thing right!  In our forties we want to look like we are 30 and staying out late is a distant memory because we have to get up at 6 am and get kids off to school and get to our jobs and sew a pageant costume and bake cookies for the bake sale and we use 100+ SPF and we fall asleep in front of the tv at 7pm and we now see a few more fine lines and a serious wrinkle or two and would give anything to turn back the clock ten years.

I lost my last grandparent, my maternal grandmother, just 5 years ago when I was 39 years old. For as far back as I can remember, she always looked the same. I think back now and she got old-looking before her time. I know she led a very hard life in the backwoods of Kentucky and they did not have money or the products we do now and I think that women back then just did not worry about skin care like we do.  The only product I ever remember her using was Noxzema and I can still remember the scent of it as she lathered it on. Even my mother’s generation didn’t seem to make skin care a priority and the only product I have seen her use and use to this day is Oil Of Olay and I am pretty sure she didn’t even start using that until about 15 years ago and she is now 65. I saw how quickly my grandmother and my mom as well, aged and I knew I didn’t want to follow in their footsteps.

We only get one chance to protect the skin we have been given and even though we can’t stop the clock, we sure can slow it down. There are so many amazing products out there today that not one of us has an excuse to not take care of our skin. There are products in all price ranges and for any budget. I have tried many, many of these products and I have found some very inexpensive products that really do work. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your skin soft, moisturized and healthy looking. You don’t even have to use the same products day after day to get results. I have found that switching up products every few weeks works even better than using the same ones day after day. I rotate between a few different products and I think my skin looks and feels better than it ever has. I have even been told quite frequently that I look younger than my little sister ( not in front of her, of course 🙂 )  I am almost 45-year-old and other than a faint laugh line or two around my eyes, I don’t have any wrinkles yet, not even frown lines around my mouth area. This is an amazing revelation having seen how my grandmother and mother aged and I will fight time with everything I can!1534849_10205376584204283_4684869674863249539_o

Everyone knows that they key to amazing skin care is hydration and we also know we are supposed to get 8 glasses of water each day. This is so important, especially as we age and our skin looses firmness and elasticity. Water not only keeps our insides healthy but our outsides as well. I carry a plastic water bottle that holds 84 oz everywhere I go so that I get my water intake each day. Another important factor in skin care that is often overlooked is vitamins. Most of us DO NOT get the recommended daily intake of vitamins and taking a supplement is a great way to compensate for our dietary deficiencies. Since having bariatric surgery 8 months ago I really need my vitamins and after researching them all I decided on a chewable multivitamin and a chewable calcium with vitamin D as well as sublingual B12 supplement. I also take a chewable biotin supplement for healthy hair and nails.  I also make sure I am getting enough protein each day. Did you know that the average woman needs 60-90 grams of protein each day to be healthy? Most of us do not get anywhere close to that so I supplement with protein shakes and smoothies!


After many years of honing my skin care routine this is what works the best for me.  I start off every morning by cleansing my face. I use either Aveeno positively radiant face wash or Face Naturals Organic Soothe Facial cleaner. I alternate these products every few days. Both of them leave my skin feeling clean and soft.  I then apply a daily moisturizer and I use either Meaningful Beauty Antioxidant Day Cream or Valentia Even Glow Serum  either one leaves my skin silky smooth and tightened. I then apply Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum before applying my makeup. This is my favorite product! It leaves your skin looking runway and camera ready by giving your skin a healthy glow that makes you look radiant. I love love love this one!!  I then apply my makeup and I am ready to face the day.

Make up is one thing that I do not skimp on. I want my makeup to be quality and I do not mind paying for it. Too often women make the mistake of buying cheap makeup that does more harm than good. The chemicals in some of the makeups on the market today can cause break outs, oiliness, dry skin, and even accentuate your fine lines. I prefer to use brands like MAC and Bare Escentuals and Smashbox. I pay more for them but I use less and they last longer and they look better on my skin. I may pay about $32 for my foundation but it lasts me for 2 months and doesn’t harm my skin. I prefer mineral makeups and I always use a mineral primer as well. 10993420_10206373833054881_5097276258809664217_n

In the evening I use either of my cleansers again as well as Neutrogena makeup remover for my mascara and eye shadow. If you wash off eye products with just a cloth then you are harming your eyelashes and let’s face it, as we grow older we lose them already and do not need something else to speed that along. Removing your makeup nightly helps you keep your skin younger looking, longer! Leaving it on can cause acne and more wrinkles so get into the routine of washing it off EVERY night, no matter how tired you are! I then apply Meaningful Beauty Night serum on my face and neck. I am proud to say at almost 45 I have no signs of turkey neck!! I follow that with Meaningful Beauty Eye serum and decollette cream. Most of us forget about our necks and chest area which can also show signs of aging!

Once a week or sometimes two, I use a facial masque! I alternate those too by buying variety packs. I love the 7th Heaven Naturals Discovery pack so that I get a choice of what I want to use. I can choose from Moroccan Clay or White Tai Mud or 4 others. Each one is for a different purpose. I love the mud masques for their detoxing properties. You simply wash your face and apply the masque of your choice and 5-10 minutes later wash it off with warm water and your skin feels amazing! I love these products because with the discovery pack you get 6 masques for $11.96 with free shipping so I have enough for 6 weeks! It feels so good to pamper yourself once in a while! I even bought these for my daughters’ stockings for Christmas!


Skin care does not stop at your face. Skin care is a whole body experience! Each day when I shower I use a moisturizing body wash like Olay or Philosophy, which is my favorite! After my shower I use lotion on every inch of my skin. The Winter is especially rough on our skin so I may apply lotion several times a day. I love lotions with cocoa butter and will use them often or switch up with a favorite scented lotion from Bath & Body works. I also do not ignore my feet! There is no other feeling like a peppermint lotion for my feet. It soothes aches and pains and makes tired feet rejuvenated and it keeps them soft and looking good, especially for sandal season. Bath & Body Works offers an amazing spearmint lotion that feels like Heaven on your feet. If you are going to lotion your feet before bedtime, cover them with socks to hold in the moisture!

I have heard it said that it takes 2 weeks to create a routine and 6 months to create a permanent lifestyle change so start your skin care routine today and in two weeks it will become automatic and you will be so pleased with the results that it becomes a new lifestyle. It’s never to late to take care of your skin. I know some of you may think you don’t have time for all of this but I think of it this way: I take care of every one else every day! I sacrifice for my family all of the time and never ask for anything for myself. It is not too much to ask to get 20-30 minutes a day to pamper and take care of myself. I am a much happier person when I take time for me and we all know that Happy wife means Happy life!!




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    March 1, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks for talking about skin care at all ages and thanks for the product information



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