Awesome coupons from great companies

24 Feb





I try to scour the internet to find coupons for products that I use everyday! I will try to post them as soon as they come up so we can all save our hard-earned money!

Tums   Save $1.00 on Tums Chewy delights    Must fill out a form to get it.

Splenda  Save $1.00 on any Splenda product. HINT: I bought the 40 count Splenda packets at Dollar General. They were marked 2.35 and with my coupon I paid $1.35 for the box!!  Great deal!!

Truvia  Join the Truvia eclub for a coupon ( I think it is $1.00 off) and a free sample. I also bought the 40 count Truvia at Dollar General and it was priced 2.50 and I paid $1.50. 

Folgers   Sign up for Folgers eclub and get a coupon not sure the amount.  

Skippy peanut butter   save .55 on Skippy peanut butter 

Aunt Millies Bread   save .35 on Aunt Millies Rye Bread

Welch’s Grape Juice  Save 1.00 on 2 Welch’s juices

 Rolaids  Save $1.00 on Rolaids                

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One response to “Awesome coupons from great companies

  1. kelly h

    March 1, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Thanks for the coupons



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