Crowdtap Boost Your Neutrogena Viewing Party

24 Feb


I love to be able to host House parties and sampling parties because it gives me not only a reason to get the girls together but to introduce them to amazing products that they may never had tried without being a part of one of these occasions. Being a member of Crowdtap has allowed me to host some really awesome parties that my friends and I are not likely to forget. Since I have been a fan of Neutrogena products for a very long time, I was super excited to be chosen to host this Boost Your Neutrogena Viewing party for the Oscars.


Now normally I am not a huge fans of award shows but pairing them with a party was amazing. The girls and I got to marvel over the fashion highs and lows and talk about our favorite actors and discuss our favorite movies and even though not everyone had seen all of the Best Picture nominees, we talked about them as much as we could without giving away too much. 1509885_10206384086031199_2055249978287444089_n

The weather here is Michigan has been atrocious and this night was no better with a windchill warning that kept half of my guests at home in their warm jammies and watching the show but those who were able to come had a great time. We ate some good food, watched the show, laughed and made fun of what some stars were wearing. We discussed the merits of each movie as well as the cons and spread a little gossip about our favorite actors. The decorations that were included in my house party box had everyone acting like little kids when they saw the confetti. It’s amazing to me that grown women can be so enthralled by little scraps of paper 🙂


We all had our ballots to choose our favorites among the nominees and although there were a couple of people who made really good choices, only one person made enough to win the trophy provided in my gift box, my sister. She was amazingly accurate and only missed one correct winner.  I was also sent sample sizes of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel for everyone to try. We took turns washing our faces and applying the Neutrogena, which by the way feels amazing on your skin. It instantly hydrates dry skin and leaves it feeling smooth and supple. It even has a very nice scent to it. It is a gel that quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave it feeling heavy or greasy. I could still feel the softness when I woke up the next morning.Everyone loved how it felt and made their skin look! I would say the Neutrogena was a big hit!!


Since I make soy candles I decided that the winner of the ballot contest would not only receive the trophy but also a candle for her win and she was all smiles! Everyone ate their fill and had a great time and they all look forward to the next party!  I was also sent some beautiful blue and silver balloons that unfortunately I could not use because of 2 guests with latex allergies but everything else looked great.

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  1. lisa

    March 1, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Love this product. Thanks so much



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