Goat Milk Stuff Products and the Jonas Family: A Faith Based Family and Company

01 Mar

I have been blogging for about three years now and in that time I have been introduced to many, many products. Some of these products I have liked and some of them I have loved and they quickly became staples in my home. One of these must-have products that I discovered is Goat Milk Stuff. A couple of years ago I did a review of their soaps and I was hooked at first lather. Now I have never been very knowledgable in soap making or the ingredients that go into it and I never really understood what was really in the soap that I was buying for my family: that is until I met Goat Milk Stuff and their amazing products.

Like most of you out there I would pick up bar soap during one of my weekly excursions to the grocery store and mostly I bought the same brands week after week. After using goat milk soap I started to read the ingredients on the label and when I could not pronounce more than one or two words, I decided that if I couldn’t say it or spell it, I should not be using it on my skin. The list of ingredients was as long as my arm and then I looked at the ingredients for the goat milk soap: Raw goat milk, saponified natural fats,coconut oil, organic soy bean oil,fragrance and natural color! That’s it! No words that I can’t say or spell!

The very first time I used the goat milk soap I was surprised at how well it lathered and how amazing the scent is without being overpowering or heavy on your skin. It rinses off cleanly and leaves behind nothing but soft skin that feels clean and refreshed! I was hooked from day one! They offer a huge variety of scents to choose from and I love that they offer full size bars, half bars and even traveler sizes. I can try a new scent in a smaller bar before I commit to a larger one!  And if you think their products stop at soap, think again! They offer lotions, bath fizzies,bug spray,deodorants,hand sanitizers, lip balms and so much more! My next purchase will include their laundry soap!

This is not your run of the mill soap company, no siree! This business is a family owned and operated undertaking. When I say family run, that’s exactly what it is. The Jonas family runs this enterprise from their farm in Scottsburg, Indiana! The whole family has a hand in its operations. The parents, Jim and P.J Jonas, run this business with the help of their 8 children, ranging in ages from 7 to 18. They help in the production of the products, the packaging, the shipping and the running of the store. I love that when I have received my orders, one of the kids has signed my packaging slip. These children are also home schooled by the Jonas’ and I am amazed at how they find the time!

My most favorite thing about this family and their company is their Faith! They are Christians and it shows in everything they do! It is so rare these days to find a family that not only lives all together but works together, prays together and is not ashamed to let everyone know it. With every interview or talk show appearance and even from the amazing blog writing on their website, it is apparent that this is a close family with amazing values and a strong belief in God! It does this blogger’s heart good to see this in a world that is so over-run with hate, crime and immorality. To find a family like this one these days is rare.

I love the videos that the Jonas family puts together for their website! They are cute, informative and heart-warming. The Jonas children could not be any cuter and man are they knowledgable about the business! I know that in the future, this blogger will be a making a trip to their store not just for the wonderful products but to meet this amazing family. My sister lives in Indianapolis, which is about an hour north of their farm so a little detour is in order!


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