Jackpot Soy Candles Review

01 Mar

I have never met anyone that didn’t love candles. They are just a wonderful way to not only make your home smell wonderful but they lend amazing ambience and they make a decor statement. I am a huge fan of soy candles and if you have never used soy candles let me tell you that once you burn soy, you will not go back to other candles. They burn cleaner, longer and the scent throw is stronger and they do not leave behind the black soot that you usually find with other types of candles. I have been making my own soy candles for 12 years now and I know soy candles!


When I was given the chance to try Jackpot Candles I was so excited. I chose the Pina Colada Scent because I love the coconut scent but I mostly chose it because the weather here in Michigan has been so terrible that when I burn it, it reminds me of beaches and tropical drinks and then the weather doesn’t bother me so much. It is amazing how the scent of a good candle can transport you and transform your mood!

Jackpot Candles offer a surprise in every candle, another one of my favorite things: Jewelry!  Each candle contains a ring, bracelet or earrings and when they finally show themselves they have a tag with a code on them that you can go to the website, enter the code and see how much your jewelry is appraised for.You could get lucky and find a piece worth $5000.  I love that you can choose which piece of jewelry you want and even your size.  Each candle is made with 100% soy and will burn 80-100 hours! I love that they are made in the USA!


Jackpot candles come in a huge variety of scents for you to choose from and with scents like Pina Colada, Birthday Cake, Banana Nut Bread, Cherry Blast and so many more, you are sure to find a few of your favorites or be daring and try a new scent that you have never smelled before.  Do you use electric tart warmers instead of candles? Jackpot Candle has you covered there too with many scents available. Sometimes when I have my 6-year-old grandson around, I would rather use my warmer instead of the open flame of a candle so my home can still smell amazing and my little one is safe. I can also create unique scents in my home by burning a scent like Cherry Blast in my burner while also burning a Cinnamon candle and create a signature fragrance that is all my own.


Not only do soy candles burn better and cleaner, they are environmentally friendly. By using soy candles you are supporting soy farmers in the US! Soy candles are also non-carcinogenic, which simply means they are not cancer causing like other candles such as gel candles. This is one of the main reasons I make and buy soy candles. Once I started researching waxes and found out what they leave behind when they burn I was appalled. So for me and my family it’s soy or nothing!

Each Jackpot candle is just $24.95 and depending on which piece of jewelry you find, it could end up being much less than that! My ring appraised for $16 so in reality, my candle was just $8.95.  I not only get an awesomely scented candle but I get to add a piece of beautiful jewelry to my collection.  Candles make the perfect gift as well, no matter what the occasion is. Need a house-warming gift? Birthday or teacher gift? Maybe you just want to let your best friend know you are thinking about her, no matter what the occasion is Jackpot Candles are perfect! I know anytime I have given a candle as a gift, the recipient has a smile on their face and the first thing they do is lift the lid, close their eyes and take in the scent: instant happiness!


Head over to Jackpot Candles and sign up for emails and be the first to know about new products and promotions. You can also follow them on social media: Facebook   Twitter    Pinterest  and Instagram .


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