Shaska Co Glass Beaded Bracelet Review

13 Mar


Okay, if you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I post a lot of reviews, stories and real life adventures that involve jewelry. I have come to realize and accept that I am completely, utterly and hopelessly addicted to jewelry but don’t worry I have checked myself into a 12 step program. Of course it is my own version of rehab but we all have to start somewhere and admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? After realizing I would stoop to robbing the kid’s piggy banks, going through my hubby’s jeans pockets while he slept and other nefarious behavior,  I have decided that in order to get my addiction under control I have to change some things in my life so here is my home-made twelve step program.  I keep my jewelry box no further than 12 steps from where I get dressed for the day! I walk twelve steps from my bedroom to the hallway mirror where I can admire my choice of bauble for the day. I keep my phone no more than 12 inches away from my hand at all times just in case I need to make a discreet trip to a website to get a piece of jewelry I either saw someone else wearing or saw it showcased in a magazine. And last but not least I keep my credit card in the 12th slot of  my wallet for handy use.       20150305_160216

For me, jewelry may be an obsession but even though I love them all and buy way more than I probably should, I don’t go crazy and most of my pieces are very beautiful but inexpensive enough that I get to feed my jewelry infatuation without breaking our budget. I don’t believe that fashionable and quality jewelry has to be expensive and out of reach and I work hard scouring the internet for great deals on unique and beautiful jewelry that will not only make a great addition to my ever-growing collection but helps me make a fashion statement and create my own one-of-a-kind look! It is very important to me to be an individual and not a fad chaser or trend watcher.

I love this color green!

I love this color green!

When I was offered the chance to review Glass Beaded Bracelets from Sashka Co I was not only excited but I think I started salivating and may have even heard a wolf howl escape from my lips. These stunning bracelets are made with glass beads and are hand crocheted by skilled, artisan women in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.  Your purchase empowers women in need through fair trade and you even get free worldwide shipping.If you are unfamiliar with the term, Fair Trade enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.The fair trade pricing system enables workers to receive a livable income that covers their basic needs, which include food, shelter, education, and health care for their families.

I love to coordinate the colors of my jewelry with what I am wearing, no matter if it’s for a night out or a casual trip to the mall, and these bracelets make that extremely easy. Now just because I wear a pink t-shirt does not mean I wear a pink bracelet to match, oh no not me! I may jazz it up with yellow or turquoise or maybe even orange or I may layer them all together for a show-stopping look!  The sky is the limit on my color choices and every day I can create a whole new look! These bracelets are astonishingly priced from $10 to $13 and are available in a wide variety of color choices. I received two bracelets for my review and they are perfect for stacking.


A huge step in my “rehab program” I actually let my sister have one of the bracelets.


One of my favorite feature of these bracelets is that there are no clasps to deal with! You simply roll it over your hand and they are guaranteed to fit any hand. I have small hands so they easily fit me but my sister has much larger hands and she had absolutely no problem getting them onto her hand as well!  These beauties have a boho, chic look to them and they are just beautiful, even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. You can purchase these treasures online or at any of the 200+ retailers that carry the line. One big tip that I have already taken advantage of is signing up for their email newsletter where you will be among the first to know about new bracelets they add to their collection and even special promotions and coupon codes and who doesn’t want to have their jewelry and save money too? Sashka Co is offering an exclusive coupon code just for my readers: Get 20% off any order and shipping is always free! Use code BLOG at checkout.

I am more than positive that if you head over to Sashka Co’s website, you will find many bracelets that you just have to add to your jewelry box. They also make amazing gifts for just about any occasion and at just $13 and your 20% off, these bracelets are just $10.40 each and that includes shipping!  With your purchase you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that part of the proceeds are headed straight to a woman in need and you will be helping an entire family. Make sure you follow Sashka Co on Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest or on Instagram or sign up for their emails and you will be an insider that is privy to new product releases and promotions before anyone else!


Although I received the free product for the purpose of review, My words are 100% my own and I only recommend products that I use myself or think would benefit my readers. I received absolutely no compensation for my opinion other than the product I reviewed. I believe in a fair and honest review and would never knowingly mislead my readers for any purposes. It is my sincere hope that by writing reviews such as this one that it opens up new possibilities for my readers and showcases items for them that they may never have been exposed to if not for these reviews. I hope that you love this product as much as I do!

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