Jelly Beans On Your List For Easter? You May Wanna Re-Think That!

28 Mar

Jelly Beans have long since been a representation of Easter and have graced, dare I say, billions of Easter baskets over the years. But how much do you know about just how these sugary treats are made? You just may want to re-think putting these in your child’s Easter Basket this year.

Although jelly beans as we know them are not a great thing for anyone to consume just for the sugar and corn-syrup content alone but do you know how jelly beans get that pretty, shiny outer coating on them? Well after you read this you may not only never buy another jelly bean, even those super-cool, fancy-flavored gourmet beans everyone loves. So if you love jelly beans so much that you really don’t want to give them up and do not want to know how they are made you are going to want to stop reading this now and munch away but you may want this information and quick since Easter is about a week away.

Okay here we go… have you ever wondered where jelly beans get that shiny coating that covers the gooey sugar inside? Maybe you have never even thought about it like me but now that I know I will never buy or eat another one again. I have accumulated a long list of so-called edibles over the years that once I found out how and with what they are made that I have never touched again and had many a nightmare over. This is just yet another “food” that has gone on that list.

The shiny coating on those pretty colored beans is a shellac, you know kind of like the layer of coating over a hard wood floor or shelf. This particular shellac is considered GRAS, which means generally recognized as safe, by the FDA and we all know that the FDA would not allow bad things in our foods, right? Yeah right! The completely disgusting reality is that the shellac that is used to cover those brightly colored jelly beans is made from the excrement of beetles. Yes, you heard that right! The female beetles “poop” forms a tunnel-like tube on the branches of trees in Thailand and India and these tunnels are called cocoons even though they are not cocoons in the way we all know. These bugs live off the sap from the trees and leave their excrement behind and the beetle dung is heated. The raw shellac contains bark pieces and even parts of the bugs themselves and when heated begins to liquefy and the tiny pieces of bug and bark are strained out. The sticky shellac is dried out in flat sheets and broken up into flakes, bagged and sold.

Are you completely grossed out yet? Did you throw away the 5 bags of jelly beans you have already bought? The dried shellac that has been sold by the bagful is then added to some denatured alcohol in order to dissolve the flakes and make a liquid which is the shellac. Shellac is used in everything from the making of furniture, mascara, aluminum foil, hairspray shampoo and more, even fertilizer. In foods, shellac is most commonly used as a glaze made from being mixed with confectioner’s sugar and is even used on coffee beans.

As a general rule, all candies that have a shiny outer shell contains this mixture. This includes Malted Milk Balls, sugar babies and so much more that I can not possibly list them all. M&M’s are an exception to this rule and do not contain shellac. Even expensive, luxury chocolate brands like Godiva use this shellac. So it’s up to you if you want to still indulge in these Springtime treats but they won’t be in my house anymore, along with a lot of other items. This is why an organic lifestyle is quickly becoming the choice of many, many people.





It has been brought to my attention that I did not add a disclaimer stating that this is my opinion and everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I guess I figured most people know already that they have their own opinion and really didn’t need me to reiterate that fact but here it is… Guess what everyone, you have your own opinions!! I know, startling information isn’t it? I ran across this information in a magazine article and decided to write a blog post about it because it really shocked me that the FDA allows some of the things that it does to be allowed as food safe.  Yes these concoctions such as the shellac go through many processes before it is added to our foods but for me that does not make it any less disgusting or anymore acceptable. I also read the information on many, many websites and even went to the local library to look up the information so I did not make this up nor did I change how the process comes to be in our foods. Yes I also do understand that food that is considered organic and grown on an organic farm still comes into contact with animal excrement and needs to be washed, which I do as I am sure most people do as well.  The difference for me, the “green Person” is that it is a natural occurrence and unavoidable unless those products are grown in a “clean” environment, which soil most certainly is not, and not a process that our government deems safe yet does not disclose the information to the public nor on food labels and that should disturb most of us.  Just because it “happens all of the time” should not excuse the fact that it does happen.  In my opinion ( see I disclosed it’s my opinion) the government has no business allowing things to be added to our food without full disclosure and then we, the people, can make the decision to eat or to not eat those items.


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2 responses to “Jelly Beans On Your List For Easter? You May Wanna Re-Think That!

  1. Susan Johnson

    March 30, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Beetle poop, bee puke, what’s the difference? I find it hilarious that so many “green” people get grossed out by things like this, when they eat vegetables that are grown in and fed with manure, and have been crapped on by numerous animals, from air and land, during their growth in that pesticide free, wormy, buggy organic soil, not all of which gets thoroughly washed off when these things are eaten… but process it and suddenly it’s disgusting? Get real.
    P.S. The “lac”, which is secreted from the glands of the insect, is not “poop”. That’s like saying human babies drink their mother’s “poop”. Food grade shellac has been refined many times and is completely non-toxic. If you are going to write such an article, I recommend you go with facts, and correct terminology, so that you don’t sound ignorant and look like you’re simply sensationalizing and marginalizing something for attention. You should also take responsibility of the fact that you are giving people new information (or misinformation) based on your personal opinion, and limited knowledge, so you should learn everything about a subject before passing that information on to others. Eat jellybeans, or don’t eat jellybeans, that’s up to you, but don’t influence large groups of people based on misinformation and half-truths, that’s our president’s job.


    • couponfreestuff

      March 30, 2015 at 2:04 pm

      To some of us there is a difference and to you there may not be but that is your choice. I believe by this being MY blog then it is known that it is MY opinions as well as facts that are readily found on many reputable sites as well as those that may not be as reputable. By stating my opinion of those facts it leaves anyone who chooses to read it to make their own decisions as I think people are intelligent enough to make their own decisions about my sensational writings. I never claimed that anything about this process was toxic as you put it my problem with the process is that it is allowed by the FDA along with many other disgusting practices that should not be allowed either. Just because a process is considered non-toxic or repeatedly processed does not make it good for you or even something that should be edible. According to scientists, including one that is a friend, it is the same thing as being “pooped” excrement is excrement. In my opinion the only person who sounds ignorant is the one that attacks and name calls and trolls for places to cause controversy. Do I claim to be a scientist, no! Do I claim to be a expert in this field, no! In any way, shape or form did I state that anyone should take my opinion as gospel? No!! I believe that the readers of my blog have their own minds to come to their own conclusions. And for the record, this is what you call a blog post, not an article as you mistakenly claim. I am not paid by anyone to write my posts, this is not a news site of any kind so maybe you too, should correct your terminology. I am always amazed when someone wants to blast someone else for being ignorant or misinformed yet they take the time to not only read the ENTIRE post but to write a comment that name calls and resorts to childish behavior then ends it with a jab at yet another person, in this case the President which has nothing to do with anything in this post. I am sorry that your life is so incomplete that you have nothing better to do than to slam other people. If you didn’t like or agree with the post, that’s fine. If you want to leave a comment stating you think I am wrong or that you don’t agree, that’s fine too but once you lower yourself to childish behavior, your point no longer comes across as relevant but as hateful and ridiculous. I decided to approve your comment not because I agree with anything you said but because I believe everyone, even mean-spirited people have a right to their opinions. If you had came across as intelligent and respectful, I believe your comments would have carried more weight but you chose the low road and I am assuming this is not the first time either. Most people who choose to express themselves in this way tend to do it often. I am sorry that you felt it so important to leave a comment such as this and I hope what ever hardship in your life that has caused your to be so mean-spirited, resolves itself and leaves you a happier, more tolerant person.



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