National PB&J Day April 2, 2015

31 Mar


I tend to think that just about everyone on the planet has either had or heard of a PB&J sandwich. It is as American as baseball and Apple pie in this blogger’s eyes and it should be in a food category all of its own. You can use creamy or crunchy, any flavor of jelly or jam and even add some items that might make others think : what are you thinking”. A few years ago I added banana slices to my peanut butter sandwich and even though this is an old version I had never tried it but now I am hooked. Another good one is peanut butter, banana and marshmallow fluff on a toasted sandwich, kind of like a grilled cheese.

I like to experiment in the kitchen and came up with the following twists on the good old PB&J sandwich.:

  • Peanut butter, raspberry jam and just a little bit of dark chocolate, grilled is best.
  • Crunchy peanut butter, grilled peach slices, and just a tablespoon or so of caramel sundae topping. or brown sugar works great too! and grill the little treasure!
  • peanut butter, thinly sliced apples and caramel sauce or marshmallow fluff, this one is better grilled in my opinion.

And I could go on and on…               

Did you know that April 2nd, 2015 is National PB&J day? I didn’t until I received an email from Welch’s. Everything has a National Day now but I am glad to see PB&J getting its due notice. Some version of this classic sandwich has graced millions or maybe even billions of lunch boxes from school kids to construction workers and I say it will some day be voted the best sandwich in history. Taking a bite of a PB&J sandwich for me is like stepping back in time with every bite and it is amazing to me how one bite evokes a flood of memories and takes you back. Whenever I eat one I immediately think of third grade and sitting in the small little lunchroom of our elementary school with my closest friends as we inspected each others lunches and made our bids for some serious lunch box item bartering.

My friend Beth loved Doritos and I always has one of the fun size bags in my lunch, courtesy of my amazing mother and she would always want to trade. I told her to start bringing PB&J and we could ” work something out” I am sure I sounded like a mobster giving her the old ” an offer you just can’t refuse.” or at least in my mind I sounded tougher. The next day she came to school with the sought after sandwich and for half of her sandwich she received my bag of Doritos. To this day I don’t remember exactly what products her mother used but it was the most mouth-watering and amazing PB&J I had ever had. The raspberry jelly had big slices of raspberry in it with a very sweet taste and the peanut butter was crunchy. Her mom even added extra slices of fresh raspberries as well as some kind of sauce that Beth told me her mother made herself. Since we stayed friends even through high school I later found out it was called a raspberry reduction which I still make to this day almost 30 years later. It was my first introduction into ” gourmet” versions of a PB&J and I have never lost the love of them.

Welch’s invites you to their Facebook page to share a comment about how you will celebrate national PB&J Day! I would love to hear your PB&J stories as well. Tell us your favorite version of the sandwich, a funny story involving a PB&J or anything related. For me this sandwich belongs in the comfort food category because it always makes me feel better with every delicious bite.


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