Do you want a Pandora Style bracelet but don’t want to spend a fortune?

16 Apr


I have always wanted a Pandora Bracelet or one of the Charmed Memories Bracelets from Kay Jewelers but they are just so expensive. At $20 to $150 for each bead it can really add up and you still have the actual bracelet to buy.  I looked through at least a hundred online sites for “replica” bracelets but they just looked cheap and that’s not what I wanted. I wanted a beautiful bracelet without the price tag that causes a coronary so the search was on.


my bracelet


I looked for look-a-like bracelets that looked expensive but I could actually afford without selling one of my kidneys and let me tell you, the search was a long one. Then it finally hit me, check ebay!  I am a huge ebay shopper so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier because it would have saved my aching fingers from a whole lot of typing! I simply typed in pandora style bracelet and oh the choices just came flowing to me. They have .925 sterling silver and gold-plated and even colored leather choices. I love silver and white gold so I chose the a sterling silver base bracelet. Now you can get them really, really cheap if you don’t mind waiting for them to come from China but I chose a seller in the US that offered one for $9.99 and $3.00 shipping..  Make sure you check the size before ordering and I advise ordering a half-size larger than you normally wear because the beads take up some room. ( I made this mistake myself ). I got my bracelet in about 3 days! One other tip that I would give, and I made this mistake too, myself, is to get a bracelet with the lobster claw clasp is possible. The seller I bought from offers the barrel clasp and it’s hard to put on by yourself, or maybe it’s just my clumsy self.

One of many .99 charms at Pugster


The next step is the charms. You will have a blast looking through all of the different charms on ebay but there is also I site that I love to get my charms from and that is a site called Pugster. This site is amazing and sells their charms for as low as .99!! And don’t think because they are cheap that they are cheap looking because they definitely are not! They are so gorgeous that I have a hard time picking just a few. Right now they are even offering buy one get one free Mother’s Day Charms with code BOGOA.  Make sure you check out the liquidation beads deals they start at .99 and you may even be able to still use the buy one get one free code.

By the time I was done with my bracelet, well done for now, (wink wink) my total investment in the bracelet is $48.00. Now it would have been less but I completely forgot about Pugster when I was buying my charms,much to my chagrin! The cheapest “famous name” bracelet I have found was $129.00 so it cost me almost a third of that.  If you want to make your own beautiful, meaningful, charm bracelet, you can definitely do it on a budget! Head over and check out these sites or maybe find your own favorite!


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