Beautiful Headbands: Amazing Price Buy 4 Get 1 Free

21 Apr

I am an Etsy fanatic and I cannot even tell you how many hours I have spent in my favorite recliner, laptop at hand and browsing through the many amazing artisans who create beautiful items that not only make you look amazing but are easy on the budget as well. There is just something about a handmade item for me. The time and skill that goes into making each treasure just astonishes me, probably because I do not possess one iota of talent to do this myself. I can cook like anyone’s business, I can bake things that make people tell me to open a bakery or shop, I can upcycle furniture and everyday items like mad but to create something that requires sewing skills, jewelry making skills etc, just forget it, I am lost. Thankfully there are people out there who create these beauties that people like me can have and enjoy and show off! Etsy also offers stores that sell items that are nationally known products and even vintage items that are hard to find.

If you have never been to Etsy to look around, I give one word of warning: you will become addicted. I swear it’s like crack. It offers you your first look and then reels you in with its many pages of glorious items that make you need the fix of coming back over and over again. If I go too long without searching for my little treasures I will go through withdrawals and the people around me are not too happy ( namely the hubby lol)


One of my new favorite shops on Etsy is Wraps By Renzel . She offers the absolutely, cutest headbands I have ever seen or worn. Now in the past I have not really been a fan of headbands, mostly because I have never really found the right ones for me. Other bands, even though they promise no-slip, seem to slip up the back of my head anyway. This is so annoying that I usually end up ripping the thing off my head and trashing it. Other bands are so tight on my head( I have a rather large, round head, somewhat like a bowling ball, I am told by the hubby) that they trigger migraines and then I am down for the day. The head wraps I purchased from Wraps By Renzel stay in place and are tight enough to stay put and look amazing but not tight enough to cause me pain. It is a Win/Win for me, yay me!

She offers the cutest prints and even solid colors too if prints are just a bit too much for your style. These headwraps are perfect for workouts, yoga, running and physical activity because I don’t know about you but I hate when my sweaty hair sticks to my face like slimy seaweed and ends up in my eyes. These head wraps keep the hair back and you still look cute during your workouts and I know I wanna look good even when I sweat!!  I am going to be participating in 2 color walks soon and they will be my firsts but I am told the paint gets everywhere, especially in the hair, so I plan on wearing the solid black one I just purchased today to keep my paint soaked hair in check while I walk for charity. Since I have a few medical conditions that cause a lot of pain, It will be more like walk, walk, sit:  walk walk sit, for me 🙂                  20150421_142231

One of my medical problems is fibromyalgia and most days the pain is so bad that I can barely raise my arms so that makes it very hard to style my hair. I had my hair cut into a shorter style so that it would be easier to manage but sometimes even that is too much. With my Wraps By Renzel I can put one in my hair and I still look good without all of the fuss and they look stylish with my every day outfits and even with my out-on-the-town clothes. They are so versatile and I love that! I can wear a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt and add one of the wraps with a cute print and it completely changes my look. I can wear a dressier outfit for a dinner out, a night at the casino or out with friends and it transforms my look as well. Add some cute jewelry to match and I am good to go!!

If you are looking for head wraps that are cute, functional and well-made you need look no further than Wraps By Renzel. She is offering a great deal of buy 4 get 1 free. Simply choose the 5 you want, add them to the cart then use code BUY4WRAPS.  Buy some for yourself or they make amazing gifts too! They are perfect for all ages and any woman would be excited to have one or two. Make sure you head over and look through her store, you won’t regret it. ( or maybe you will cause you may get hooked like me)


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