Flag Outpost Supports Wounded Warrior Project: Will You Join Them?

27 Apr






A cause that is near and dear to my heart is The Wounded Warrior Project. I come from a long line of military and I just believe in this cause! My daughter was the latest to serve our Country, In the Army and I thank God everyday that I have her home safe and healthy for the most part. My husband served in the Air Force, my dad served in the Army during Vietnam and my grandfather was a medic in WWII, and we lost a cousin in Vietnam as well. Through the experiences with my daughter serving we have seen up close and personal just how much our wounded warriors need from us now.

If you have never walked through a military or veterans hospital consider yourself blessed. It is not an easy thing to see our proud, brave soldiers lying in a bed unable to care for themselves or the veterans that line the halls and waiting room chairs that are missing a limb or more, wheelchair bound or worse. I have a hard time whenever I have accompanied my daughter here and I usually leave in tears, feeling defeated because what can I do to help them?  I decided there was something I could do, I went online and I signed up to be a Wounded Warrior Project Advanced Guard Member. I got to choose what I give each month and I chose the $25 option. The money comes straight out of my account each month at the same time and I get to help those who stood guard for me and my family. There are also businesses that offer help by donating a portion of their proceeds to Wounded Warrior.  Flag Outpost is one of those companies.

You can purchase a beautiful Wounded Warrior Flag in whatever size you like and Proudly display it. You can choose to hang one under the American Flag on a flagpole or choose a yard flag that lets everyone know you support them and just maybe someone will see it and be moved to help as well.  You can spend as little as $4.95 on a yard flag and 35% of all proceeds goes to Wounded Warrior Project! Won’t you help those who put their life on the line for us?   I got one on the way to proudly display in my yard!


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