Woodie Specs: Beautiful Handmade Men’s And Women’s Watches and Glasses

03 May

My husband is a bit old-school, to say the least, and is pretty much set in his ways. Years ago he used to wear jewelry all of the time,his wedding ring, a watch and maybe even a bracelet once in a while, but the last few years he wears his wedding ring and that’s it! I have wanted to buy him watches, rings and even a necklace in the past but he always refuses. He says that watches tend to pull on his arm hair and that’s why he never wears them anymore. It really is quite frustrating for me because over the years I have seen very handsome pieces of jewelry that I thought would look great on him and would have made great gifts, since he is a nightmare to buy gifts for, and it’s always the same answer, “No, I don’t wear jewelry.”

Recently I have been hearing a lot of buzz about wooden watches for men. Now to be honest, I have to tell you I thought this was crazy. Watches made out wood? How comfortable could they be? I never really gave them more than a passing thought because I have a jewelry box stuffed to the gills and he won’t wear jewelry. When I was recently given the opportunity to try a wooden watch from Woodie Specs I thought I would give it to my dad who loves to wear watches and assorted other jewelry. I knew he would love to have it.


20150427_140634 When the package arrived at my door, my hubby was the one to retrieve it and being one that is extremely nosy and like a kid at Christmas, has to open every box. Inside the shipping box was a beautiful wooden box and I could see the curiosity in my hubby’s eyes as he lifted it out. He opened the box and as his eyes widened, he says ” Very cool watch“. He handed it to me after much inspection and it was a very cool watch. I expected a wooden watch to be on the heavy side and this one is not, it is very light. In my mind I pictured wooden watches looking cheap and more like the fake wood grain you see on an old coffee table and this watch has a beautiful wood grain finish that rivals an expensive hand-made table.  I expected the watch to be very uncomfortable to wear but this watch wasn’t. My husband eagerly tried it on and declared that it felt like he wasn’t even wearing a watch. I asked him to wear it for an hour to see if it would pull on his hair like others have done in the past. We both went about our business and a couple of hours later I suddenly remembered he was wearing the watch. I found him watching television in the family room and asked him, how the watch felt now. He looked at me with a blank expression then quickly said, ” Oh my Gosh I forgot I was wearing it,” No pinching or pulling, and then I heard something come out of the lips of my hubby that I didn’t think I would ever hear again, ‘ I could wear this watch”, he says nonchalantly. I was shocked, I heard angels singing Hallelujah in the background, the clouds parted and sunshine fell on our family room. Yes I am being over-dramatic but in my head that’s how it went because I was completely shocked that we had found a piece of jewelry that my husband would wear after all of these years.

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Now my hubby works in an auto plant so wearing this watch on a daily basis would be a very bad thing to do to the watch but he did say that he will wear it on special occasions and when going out. This is a huge step for him! Thank you Woodie Specs!! I have to say the watch looks amazing on him and it is an absolutely gorgeous wood watch! It is not at all what I expected a wooden watch to be. Each one of these gorgeous time pieces are hand-made and solid wood. They offer watches made from different woods:

  • Sandalwood
  • Bamboo
  • Ebony wood
  • Maple
  • Walnut

Each watch is superbly crafted and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect of these watches.  They are analog watches and no two are exactly the same.They come with scratch-resistant glass, solid wood, water-resistant, battery-powered quartz movement, stainless steel clasps and a one year warranty. Each watch is feather light and very comfortable on the wrist. The craftmanship that goes into making these watches is very evident and extremely beautiful to see up close and personal. If the watch is a bit too big there is no problem with taking it to a jeweler to have a couple of links removed for a better fit and feel. As large as my hubby’s hands and wrists are, he could still use a link or two removed and we will be taking it to a jeweler to do.


The watch we received is made from sandalwood and I just can’t get over the absolute beauty of the watch. You can see the grain of the wood and it is just beautiful. I don’t know how they make them this beautiful and still this light but that’s probably why I am not a watch maker. Each watch is unique and I love that aspect of them. Handmade items for me are just the most beautiful thing you can own.  Ladies, Woodie specs has not forgotten about us either. They offer a beautiful women’s watch too. Right now they offer just one design for women but I sure hope to see more from them in the future. It is a rectangular faced watch made from beautiful red sandalwood. The hint of red to the watch just leaves me with no words. I just love the hint of color.

These gorgeous watches would make great gifts for Father’s Day, which is approaching quickly. I think every dad will feel special and loved when they receive one of these exquisite watches. It is definitely not something they will be expecting and let’s face it, it’s hard to surprise the men in our lives anymore. Can you imagine the conversations that will be started over these beauties?

I always read the about us page on a company’s website and I don’t usually write posts that include copying anything from the brands website but after reading the first few lines on the page, I felt that I wanted to share them with you. I have read many of these pages and some have either been so well-written or so unique that they stayed with me, but this one I instantly loved when I read it…

“Woodie Specs was born from the unrelenting belief that things will work out, that the long road has a purpose, and that the things that you desire may not happen today, but they will happen.

We passionately believe that successful engagement in meaningful work frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion. Providing wood watches and wood sunglasses does that for us.”

How amazing is that statement? In a day where everyone expects instant gratification, these words hold real meaning. Things that you want are worth working hard for and just because you do not succeed at first, does not mean it won’t happen for you!  Another little statement that is made on their about us page is, ” We rise by lifting others”. How profound are those five little words? What a wonderful world it would be if we all lived by this statement. This company lives by its words and gives back by sponsoring children in need through and by giving their customers a chance to plant a tree through by adding as little as one dollar to their orders.There is just something special about a company that gives back.

Woodie Specs make great gifts for any occasion:

  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday’s
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Holidays

and so much more. Make sure you head over to Woodie Specs and look around, I am sure you will fall in love with them too. Woodie Specs even offers sunglasses made from the same beautiful wood as their watches. What a statement they make and are absolutely unique and handsome!


You can find Woodie Specs on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram where you can keep up to date with the latest news, promotions and new products. Why give the same old gifts when you can give a unique and beautiful gift this year. You can also give yourself a gift from Woodie Specs!



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