Kitchen Ezentials Miracle Heat Resistant Gloves Review

04 May

I am most at home in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake and most days you will find me either browsing through recipe books, creating my own recipes or searching the web for the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets that I can add to my kitchen arsenal. I have to admit I am a junkie for all things kitchen related and much to my hubby’s dismay, I have to get my hands on them all. One of the biggest concerns I have in the kitchen is getting things out of the oven safely. I have a bad tendency to burn myself quite often and it definitely takes away from my kitchen enjoyment.

I have used folded up hand towels and typical pot holders and yet I still end up burning myself almost every time I cook or bake. I have even tried the As seen On Tv gloves and to say the least they are a joke and do not work at all. Lately I have resorted to asking the hubby to take the hot stuff out of the oven as he doesn’t seem to burn himself like I do. But what do I do when hubby isn’t home? It’s quite a dilemma.

Recently I got the chance to try a new product, the Kitchen Ezentials Miracle Heat Resistant Gloves. I will be honest, I did not have high hopes for yet another product that claimed heat resistance but I figured I would give it a try. First off, I like the look of the gloves. They are kinda cute in a wacky gardener’s gloves kind of way. They have pink non-slip silicone grips on the hands of the gloves and pink just makes everything better! I like that they are gloves instead of mitts and I have full use of all ten of my little fingers and don’t feel like I am wearing a baseball mitt on my hands.

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These oven gloves are made with Kevlar and Nomex by Dupont, both of which are made from synthetic fibers. Kevlar is used in everything from bicycle tires to bullet-proof vests. It’s made of some sturdy stuff! These fibers offer protection for up to 480 degrees and since most ovens heat up to 450 degrees, you are pretty well protected. The gloves are designed to be used by righties and lefties! Score! Whether you use them in the kitchen or at the barbecue grill, Your hands will stay protected. We ladies, especially, work hard to keep our hands soft and pretty so who wants to mess up their delicate digits?

My hubby was the first to try them out, my own personal guinea pig, as we made dinner the first night after I received them. We had roast turkey breast in the oven and a few sides  cooking on the stove top. One of the sides required a lid and we all know just how hot those little buggers can get. The hubby lifted the lid off without feeling any heat through the gloves which brought a smile to both of our faces. The next little project was lifting a cast-iron pot with handles on the side off the stove to drain it over the kitchen sink. It takes him a lot longer to drain noodles than it does for me, you know me being an expert and all, so he did say the longer he held the pot he was starting to feel the heat through the gloves. It wasn’t a wicked burning sensation, just warmth but he did say it was a little uncomfortable. Now most of us would not have our hands on something that hot for as long as he did so I don’t really see it as a problem with the gloves just a problem with the hubby 🙂 The next use was taking the turkey, which was in a roasting pan, out of the oven to place on the stove top. Again, he had no problem at all with the gloves and he said he felt very minimal heat. Another score!

I wanted to test the gloves out on one of my other loves, making soy candles. I have made them by hand in my own kitchen for more than 13 years and I love it. It is like therapy for me but the melting pots are made of thin aluminum and the handles are just cheap plastic so they get very hot, very fast. In the past I have been so in the zone that I have forgotten just how hot they get and have reached for one only to get a very nasty present and it sure isn’t one that you can return. I decided to have a candle making night and try out my new toys. Pot after pot of hot candle wax was melted and poured using these amazing heat resistant gloves and I don’t have one blister or burn for probably the first time in all of these years. Now that’s a huge score!! I even found out, completely by accident, that the outside of the gloves is flame resistant when I accidentally dropped one onto an open flame. You might be thinking how in the world did that happen but in my world it would be more like oh goodness, Krista dropped something else into the fire.  Yep, my name is Krista and I am a Klutz! Unfortunately for me and probably those around me, there is no 12 step program for being a butterfingers.

If you are looking for a great way to keep those fingers cool as a cucumber when cooking in the kitchen, barbecuing or even doing projects around the house, these Kitchen Ezentials Heat Resistant Gloves are for you. They even make great gifts for the cooks in your life too!

You can purchase these heat-resistant gloves on Amazon for under $20 and ladies, you know you pay more than that for your manicures so let’s keep that investment safe. You can find Kitchen Ezentials on Facebook Twitter and on Pinterest.  Make sure you head over and follow their pages to keep up to date on new products and promotions. And remember the next time you burn those pretty little fingers, I told you to get a pair of Kitchen Ezentials and you didn’t so you will hear a little voice ( that will be me) saying I told you so!!



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