Blogger Giveaway Linky Link Up Page ( lots of giveaways to enter too)

08 May

This is for all of you bloggers out there that are trying to get your giveaway linky’s more exposure. I will add your blog’s giveaway linky to the site and all you have to do is email me the following at officegirl70(at)yahoo(dot com). More exposure means more traffic! I post out this link 3-4 times a week to my readers. Another blogger sees it and posts it out to their readers and so on! The traffic could be amazing! This is also for all of the readers who want to enter some amazing giveaways. ASimply click on each blogs name and be taken to their giveaway linky and enter as many as you like!

1. Blog Name

2. Link to your Giveaway linky

3. Tell me if it is ongoing, done on a certain day of the week , monthly etc.


This linky list is for blogs only, no brands. The linky’s must be family friendly.The linky’s must except only blogger giveaways, no brand giveaways and they must be links from giveaways that use a giveaway tool, no giveaways that are comment only and such. Once you use the linky, please leave a comment below.


Ongoing Giveaway Linky’s 


Musings From a Stay at Home Mom

Here and There

Mom In Training

Moms Who Save







The Consumer Adviser




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