Susan Nichole Vegan Handbags Buy One Get One Free for Mother’s Day

08 May

I own four Susan Nichole Vegan Handbags and 2 wallets and I love them all!  I love  these beautiful bags because they are animal-cruelty free and contain no animal products. These bags are on the expensive side, yes, but they are so worth it. They are beautifully and well-made in very fashionable choices that vary from barrel type bags to hobo bags. Right now they are offering buy one bag or wallet get one of equal or lesser value free. No code is needed, just add the two items to your cart and it will be automatically deducted. It doesn’t say when it ends but I would assume Mother’s Day is the expiration date. I also love that they change the styles quite often but the downside is if you want to go back and get another bag of the same style it may not be available again. One of the bags I bought , my bestie just loved it and wanted one but when I went back to get it, it was gone. There was something similar and she liked that one but mine was no longer available.

The bag I just bought and received a couple of days ago.

The bag I just bought and received a couple of days ago.

Right now they have beautiful pastel colors for the spring!  Just a couple of days ago my newest purchase was delivered, I bought the Alise barrel Bag in Burgundy! I love it. I use it as a handbag but it came with detachable shoulder straps. I also bought a wallet which is on its way to me. I also own a Love bag in yellow which was my first and favorite purchase and the other two I forget their names and they are no longer available.


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