Survival Straps Free Shipping Offer

13 May

I believe that everyone should have Survival straps in one form or another. I have the bracelets and a key chain but did you know they sell them in just about every accessory you can think of? Survival straps has key chains, hand sanitizer holders, lanyards, watch straps, luggage tags and more. I know most of us don’t believe we will ever be in a situation where we will ever need these straps but they are good for moe than just saving a life. Have you ever been camping and a tent pole breaks or a line snaps? Have you ever been out and need to bring home some big item but your trunk won’t shut and you don’t have any rope? Have you ever needed to give a tow to someone or something and this paracord would have come in handy? I keep mine around all of the time because you never know when an emergency might come up. Right now Survival straps is offering free shipping on all orders. Use code FREESHIP at checkout.It doesn’t show an expiration date.

These straps would make amazing Dad gifts or even Grad gifts. Head over and look around today!



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