Want Juicier Chicken? Here’s how!

13 May

Have you ever cooked a whole chicken and when it’s done, it’s a little on the dry side. Or cooked chicken breasts and seems like it takes forever to get them out of the pink ( and dangerous) state only to find they are done but dry? Here are some tips to help you make the perfect chicken.

Grilling time is here and I know I love to cook chicken on the frill but sometimes the grilling dries it out. I usually marinade over night but sometimes that just isn’t enough. If you are going to cook a whole chicken on the grill use kitchen scissors to butterfly , or almost cut in half leaving some so that it folds open like a book. It flattens it out and let’s the juices flow. Add your seasonings and it will so be worth it! When grilling a chicken, it’s best to leave the skin on and place your rubs underneath the skin along with some butter!

Have you tried beer can chicken? Oh Lordy is it good!! The beer makes the chicken mouth-watering good and fall of the bone!  Place the open end of the beer can just inside the chicken and place on the grill. They also make gadgets where you can place any liquid you like inside the can it holds the chicken steady. I have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond and on Amazon they call them Drunk Chicken Stands  They also have a double beer can holder at Walmart.

I suggest placing an old pie or can pan under the beer can to catch the drippings.  

I use a secret rub that I created ( sorry can’t share) and it makes beer can chicken taste like Heaven. I haven’t even let my kids know what’s in it yet. But everyone raves over it. And I have been told to package and sell it.  You can create your own runs and marinades and those are the key to amazing chicken and any other meat really.


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