Mason Jar Salads: How to

18 May

Have you ever seen a mason jar salad? They look so awesome. But did you know there is a right way to make one? It is kind of like a science so that you make sure you get the nutrients you need! The layers are designed to get you the most nutrition. I think if I had tried to make one before seeing this article, it probably would have just been thrown together and sure would not have looked as pretty as these.

This tips are from My Fitness Pal, which is one of my favorite fitness apps. You can log your food, water and exercise intake as well as look at your nutrition for the day and log your weight loss progress. I started using it 6 weeks after my bariatric surgery last year and it has helped with every one of the 106 pounds I have lost. It is amazing how much it helps you stay on track to journal your intakes.

You can head over to the Mason Jar Salads How to post on My Fitness Pal and learn how to make your own nutrient packed salad. You can also get recipes to make your own healthier salad dressings.




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