Hydrofeet Insoles Review: Happy Feet Indeed

25 Jun

A few years ago when I was working on my feet all day in a hospital, my feet would hurt so badly that even in Winter I would take off my shoes when driving home. Yes, I know that this practice is considered illegal and I would not advise anyone doing it  but my feet just hurt so much that I could not stand the shoes one more minute. It felt like a hundred tiny knives were digging into my feet while someone held a torch underneath them. The pain was excruciating!  I tried everything I could think of to alleviate this pain and nothing worked.  I bought very expensive, nurse’s shoes, I bought every type of insoles that was on the market and yet nothing worked. I spent a not-so-small fortune trying to take care of my poor feet. I wish I had known about Hydrofeet insoles back then. Now I don’t work anymore but my mother suffers from severe feet problems and decided to give her the insoles.



She has bad arches as well as bone spurs and short of surgery, which she is trying to avoid, she has also tried everything! I gave her the Hydrofeet insoles and let’s just say I am now her favorite child ( I already was but that’s a story for another day 🙂  She loves them!! To test out just how good they are she placed them in a very cheap pair of slip on shoes. This would be the ultimate test since these types of shoes have almost no support at all yet they are easy in the summer just to slip on and go. I wish I had been there to see her face when she first slipped her feet into the shoes with the new insoles in them but her words were good enough for me. She tells me they are liking walking on clouds! She now wants a pair for every pair of shoes she owns. They are so thin she doesn’t even know they are there.IMAG0237

Hydrofeet Insoles are like walking on water they are so comfortable. They actually adjust to your feet and your unique walking style. No two people walk the same way and whether you are someone with a light or heavy step, an uneven gait etc, they will conform to your uniqueness! Do you suffer from problems like Plantar fasciitis or spurs, corns and calluses? Hydrofeet will help you too! They are filled with a vegetable-based, pharmaceutical-grade and FDA approved glycerin. The glycerin in encased in a thermoplastic polyurethane that is durable and strong and unlike other insoles made of rubber, gel or foam, will last much longer. These insoles can be placed in any shoes from sandals to high heels to boots. They also offer insoles for men  too!  If you are looking for your feet to be massaged with every step, Hydrofeet is for you! Simply select a size based on your shoe size and you’re ready to be pampered!

You can also find Hydrofeet on Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google and on You Tube.

Make sure you head over and check out what Hydrofeet can do for you. Join the Hydrofeet foot club for special discounts and promotions while you’re there.  Register your insoles for a 3 year product replacement warranty too!

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