Samsill Products from Shoplet Review

25 Jun

I am one of those people who need a lot of help in the organization department. It isn’t for a lack of trying or enthusiasm, I just never seem to get it right or find the time to do it the way I want. I can’t stand clutter yet I always seem to have stacks of it in every room. I have filing cabinets but they are stuffed to overload and I swear the drawers actually groan when I open them. I have folders and stadium style folders and yet i always seem to have the hardest time finding paperwork when I need it most.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Samsill binders from Shoplet. Now this is a system I can wrap my head around. By using binders to keep my paperwork neat and tidy I can also label them easily and find what I need in a snap. I can line them up on a shelf in my office or place them in stylish boxes or even filing cabinets for easy access. I keep a three hole punch on my desk anyway so now I simply punch the holes and then place them neatly in the binder and Voila! Neat and easily indexed paperwork. Why didn’t I think of this before?

Using the binders is so much easier than using file folders or stadium folders which simply store the paperwork in one big pile without any organization. It is just too easy to keep stuffing papers inside them without pulling the entire batch out and keeping them alphabetized or date ordered. With the binders I can easily open up the rings and file by alphabetical order in a breeze. I can even add tabs to the different categories for even easier reference.  I can finally be the organized diva of my dreams.

20150625_100846 20150625_100911

The View Binder   speedy Spine binders feature a Patented channel construction that allows for the easy drop-in of spine inserts for custom graphics in seconds. Clear overlay on front, back and spine offers easy customization. Ring mounted on back lid to reduce wear on paper and the capacity Range Max: 1/2″ Sheet Capacity: 125 Colors: White Binder Sheet Size: 8 1/2 x 11. Green : and is 100% recyclable.  I have used other binders in the past for various projects but none that are as easy to use as this one. The rings on other binders are often hard to open and stay open and I have pinched many fingers in them but with the Samsill binder that’s in the past. This one is easy to open, stays open and closes without having to put so much more on it you are scared of cutting off a finger.

The Pad Holder  is covered in fine Napa leather and looks professional and stylish. The hand stitched binding gives it the expensive look without being expensive. It offers a business card pocket, pen loop and an 8×11 writing pad. I like the look and feel of this one and it not only helps me take notes easily but allows me to keep track of business cards. When I go to a doctor’s appointment it never fails that I forget questions that I wanted to ask and with this pad holder I can write them down in advanced and being able to take notes of what the doctor said. It is perfect for any appointment or meeting and would work great for teacher’s meetings and more. I can also put the doctor’s business cards in the pocket for easy reference. The 8×11 design allows it to fit in a large handbag or tote bag or even a briefcase easily and its slim design does not take up a lot of room.

Shoplet offers many products to help with your home or work office. Office supplies , promotional products , medical supplies and office stationary. No matter what your office needs may be, Shoplet has you covered.

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