Do you suffer from chronic pain? You may need Active Edge Technology

13 Aug


If you are a chronic pain sufferer like I am then you know just how debilitating it can be and how much it effects your life. I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and chronic hip pain that has resulted in rods being placed in my hip. I know all about chronic pain and it’s effects on life. If you’re like me then you have searched high and low for relief and short of pain medication which makes you sleepy and can be addictive, I have not found much relief.

I support the Wounded Warrior Project and one day while shopping on their site I found products with Active Edge Technology. This is a high-tech pain relief that is built into the products like bracelets, clothing and more that is supposed to help with chronic pain, inflammation and more. I decided to give it a try and bought a cute pink and black bracelet with the Harley logo on it. I had tried everything else so why not this. It is a bit expensive but so have the many failed products I have already tried.

To be perfectly honest when I wore it the first day I felt no different. The second day I noticed a little difference in the pain level but not a lot. A few days into it and I still only got a small amount of relief but it was better than nothing. I know that not all products work for everyone but I am sure there are many, many people out there that this would work wonders for. I think I have soooo many different problems that it is just too much for just one product to help but I did notice that the pain meds I took were no longer doing what they used to with the pain and adding the bracelet brought it back to where the pain meds used to be when taking care of the pain so this is a huge plus in my eyes. I also notice that the longer you wear the bracelet, the better it works so if you try to just wear it for an hour every other day or so, it’s probably not going to give you relief.

Now they are offering more items with this technology as well and even offer a sleep shirt with technology that is supposed to help you sleep and wake up more rested. I don’t have much of a problem sleeping anymore since I bought a Sleep Number bed, unless the pain is exceptionally bad that day.  If you are trying to find some relief from the constant pain, head over and check out the products for yourself. They even offer dog collars to help relief your best friend’s pain too!


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