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Dressing up the bathroom with rustic charm

I am a huge lover of the rustic, farmhouse look that is all the rage these days. My entire home has touches of it and I love love it! One of my favorite places to shop for these items is a great little secret that I am hesitant to share because they sell out quickly as it is but I am not one to keep little gems to myself. is my FAVORITE shopping site for rustic anything. I have gotten quite a few treasures and am in love with them all!!  The prices are usually pretty reasonable with a few exceptions but even the higher priced stuff is just too cute sometimes to pass up! Here are a few of my faves!! The top pic is a little beauty I picked up for my newly remodeled kitchen and the burlap bags on the bottom shelf I also purchased from decorsteals. I use them to hold potatoes, onions and apples. The cart now holds all of my cookbooks on the 2nd shelf and the top shelf gives a place of honor to my much-loved kitchen aid stand mixer.  The second pic is a deal that happens to be available today, a little steel drawer set that houses all of my makeup and brushes in the bathroom. It keeps them neat and tidy and looks amazing. The 3rd picture is a set of 2 mason jars lids with chicken wire that I purchased a few weeks ago. One of them is being used on a vintage mason jar in my bathroom as a toothbrush holder and this one I made into a tissue holder. I painted the mason jar with grey chalk paint, distressed it a bit and used the lid. I had a hard time getting the tissues to come out without ripping them so the hubby took wire cutters to it and opened it up enough that now it’s not a problem. I have many more items I have purchased and will be posting the pics as soon as I made the difficult decisions as to where I want to put them 🙂


20151021_141430 20151125_095425 IMG_20151122_185405

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McCormick Sauces Make Dinner Easy

I am a firm believer in cooking smarter not harder. Although I love to cook, I hate the clean up afterward and by using my crock pot I make clean up a breeze! I am always looking for new recipes to serve my family so that no one gets tired of the same old meals. That’s where McCormick Sauces comes in. I recently purchased the McCormicks Beef Stew Sauce for the crock pot and set out to see the results.

20150921_081955 20150921_082047 20150921_083020

It is so easy it’s almost ridiculous. I placed the stew meat in the pot then covered it with the package of McCormicks sauce and stirred. Now I like my stew to be very saucy and the package of sauce is on he small side for my taste so I added 2 tsps of Better than bouillon to 16 oz of boiling water and added that to my crock pot. I added green beans, peas, carrots and onions as well as diced potatoes. Stirred and put the lid on. I set it for 8 hours on low, as I like to cook my stew low and slow.

Once the stew was ready I added some cornstarch to some cold water and added that to the sauce to thicken it a bit. I served it with some fresh bakery Italian bread and we had an easy and delicious meal.  Clean up was a breeze too since the only cookware I used was the crock pot!! How awesome is that?

McCormicks makes other sauces as well, including skillet sauces that will make it easy and affordable to serve your family amazing meals without all of the fuss~~



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Folgers coffee Enhancers: A cup Above

I love being a member of Crowdtap and the fact that I get to try and sample so many new products. My newest product is the Folgers Coffee enhancers. They come in 4 flavors and are a quick and easy addition to your daily cup of Joe! You can choose between vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and caramel and I would have to say caramel is my absolute favorite! My daughter prefers the hazelnut and my bestie loves the mocha. No matter what your favorite flavor is, Folgers will add a little sumthin sumthin to your day.

20150904_132159 IMG_2395 IMG_2396 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2413

These little squeeze bottles are easy to take along everywhere from the car to the office or even the park. They fit perfectly into your purse or diaper bag or even in the console of the car so you will have flavor at hand no matter where you are. Make sure on your next shopping trip to add a bottle or two to your basket, you won’t be sorry!



As a member of Crowdtap I got to #trytheseforfree!

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Do you know where your food is made? Here’s how to know!!

It is a complete and utter shocker to me that companies no longer have to list where their food products are made. Let’s face it, some countries have less than clean and safe food practices and we have the right to know where things we ingest are being made. Even though they no longer are required to put this information on packaging, there is still a way to know where your food is coming from…The bar code. These simple rows of numbers tell us a lot about products. What factory they are made in, when they were made and even WHERE they are made.

This one would be a USA product

The first 2 or 3 numbers of a bar code tell us what country the product is made in. I take this list shopping with me so I can be fully aware of what I am giving my family. You may want to take this with you too!






Bar Code Awareness

If your codes begin with:

690-692  They are made in China

00-09     They are made in the USA or Canada

30-37  They are made in France

40-44   They are made in Germany

471    They are made in Taiwan

49    They are made in Japan

50     They are made in the UK





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Wraps By Renzel Giveaway 8/21/15

Have you ever looked for headwraps or headbands that won’t slide up and down on your head or slip completely out of place after just the smallest amount of activity? If you have then you know just how hard this search can be and how frustrating it can get to keep spending money on bands that claim to stay put yet they don’t. Wraps By Renzel are the answer to that problem! These handmade wraps stay put even while working out! You can read the full review from Couponfreestuff  HERE>>>>>>>.

Wraps By Renzel and Couponfreestuff are offering a giveaway! One lucky winner will win 3 head wraps of their choice from a list of patterns and colors. This giveaway is open to the US only and you must be 18 and over to enter. All entries will be verified and the winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with any social media site and Couponfreestuff is not responsible for prize fulfillment as the prize will be shipped by the sponsor. Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

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Wraps By Renzel Giveaway

You may have noticed my past posts about Wraps by Renzel and how much I love these headwraps. I am someone who hates to fuss with my hair yet I still want it to look cute so my choices have been limited in the past. I cut my hair short for the Summer, which I love, and these headbands look even cuter in my short hair. I can simply place the wrap of my choice in my hair, play with it just a bit and I am done and out the door. No curling irons, blow dryers or straighteners, just primp and go!! The best part of the wraps is they stay put, they do not slide all over your head and that’s a major plus for me! I cannot stand to have to keep adjusting my headbands throughout the day and I never have that problem with these beauties! They also fit all sizes of heads. I have a rather large head and they fit great, my daughter has a smaller head and they fit her just right too!


I love the beautiful patterns and colors the Wrap By Renzel come in and I can always find one to match every outfit I have. I own more than 15 of them and just placed another order the other day for 5 more. Every day, she offers an awesome coupon code, BUY4WRAPS and you get 5 wraps for the price of 4.  Just apply the code at check out. You are sure to find some favorites among these beautiful head wraps.

You can also find beautiful leather wrap bracelets as well and I love that you can find a bracelet that matches whichever wraps you choose!                                 20150421_142231

Now for the good stuff: Wraps by Renzel is offering a giveaway just for my readers. One lucky winner will get to choose 3 head wraps of their choice. I will provide a list to the winner where they can choose 3 wraps.You can check out the  beautiful head wraps swatches here! This giveaway is open to the US only and you must be 18 and over to enter. All entries will be verified and the winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with any social media site and Couponfreestuff is not responsible for prize fulfillment as the prize will be shipped by the sponsor. Thanks for entering and Good Luck!
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Wraps By Renzel Head bands that stay put buy 4 get 1 free

I am always looking for things to do with my hair to look cute and that is really easy for the Summer time especially. I found that with Wraps by Renzel. These are amazing headbands ( wraps) that stay put on your head and don’t slide all over the place. This is a huge plus for me because I do not want to fuss with my hair in all this heat! I want easy and I get that with these head wraps. Not only do they fit great they are super cute too with some very pretty patterns and colors! I have bought about 12 or 13 now and since he just added some new prints, another order is in the works for me.

11013098_10206820596903698_1692886650469669701_n (1) 11695872_10207571300350815_875254014784412570_n

I love how easy it is to create a cute look with very little effort on my part and since it has been soooooo hot, this is awesome!! I simply do a small bit of styling to my hair, place the head wrap and I am done! 5 minute hair style is right up my alley!!

You can get a great deal with buy 4 get 1 free. Simply place 5 bands in your cart and use the code BUY4WRAPS and the 5th one is free! They are $5 each so you get 5 for $20 and a small shipping charge!! Head over and pick out your 5 favorites!!

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